the not so wayback machine

While my blog is relatively new, there are some posts that are buried in the stack that I would like to move up for consideration again.


suburban warrior syndrome 
Summary: From The Matrix to Harry Potter, heroic fantasy is hot stuff. These modern epics tap into our frustrated impulse to be 21st-century knights-and may even help unleash the workaday hero inside each of us.

discerning a brave man from a coward
One of my interests is Bushido and the Samurai. I found this passage in the Bushidoshoshinshu. Its a book written by Daidoji Yuzan Taira no Shigesuke. This work was widely read and discussed by warriors of the middle and late Edo period and became one of the sources for bushi thought and behavior throughout the country, along with such books as Hagakure and Tengu Geijutsuron.

defining terms
It would be a fairly accurate statement to say that when I created this blog it was with the intention of coalescing my thoughts about, and refining my definition of, “Warriorship”. 

martial artists and warriors
Most Martial Artists are average citizens, they are not superheros going out on the streets living by their warrior codes, “deciding when to fight” evildoers and making the world safe for democracy. The only “choosing” they have regarding fighting is staying withing the limits of the law regarding self defense. The same as any other non-martial artist.

is warriorship a virtue?
Many “Warriors” sacked cities, carried off women as slaves, burned down villages and did other things we would consider reprehensible today. While I of all people value the “Warrior Ethic”, as we have recodified it with our modern values; I would hesititate to define the basic concept of a “Warrior” as necessarily “virtuous”

Martial Arts. Tactics and Training: 

the warriors quest
An interesting tradition peculiar to the Samurai of fuedal Japan was the practice of the “Warrior Pilgrimage”.

One of the more “cutting edge” concepts in tactical thought is the OODA loop as developed by the late Col. John Boyd (USAF). He was a scholar in military tactics, and is one of the greatest influences in America’s military tactical doctrine.

dont be a sheep
I believe as martial artist, training for self defense, that techhnique is useless if the students mindset isnt propper. Somebody with no training, but a determination that they will never be forced into a truck at the hands of a killer. That they will die on the spot rather than be taken somewhere else to be tormented and killed. Is going to be more formidable than a black belt who hasnt made that conscious decision.

the gift of fear
This is from a good book called “The Gift of Fear” by Gavin DeBecker, read it. Mr. DeBecker is a security expert who used to do threat assessment work for the US Government. His book deals with realistic assessment of your self-defense necessities and the real likelihood of getting attacked. The book does not deal with unarmed combat or weapons as much as it does with assessing people and determining their intentions towards you.

 Philosophy and Opinion:

becoming a man
Once I read that, it made me think about some of the choices I have made in my lifetime. First as a teenage boy when I started my first martial art class. A large part of doing so was for the “macho” factor. Another part was the “adventure” factor, doing something different, something to set me apart, something outside the drab everyday life.

the martial arts theory of everything
The topic a friend and I have been discussing around the coffee cup lately is the “ultimate purpose” of studying martial arts. What is the real purpose we spend our time and money in the dojo?

Within miltary training, there is a saying that in order to be effective, a unit (from the individual serviceman/woman up to the largest units) must be able to shoot, move and communicate.

 Translating this saying to civilian self defense training isn’t too hard IMO.

your mortality
As risking ones life is part and parcel of being a warrior, a person on that path has to reconcile themselves with the possibility (and natural inevitability) of their death. The Samurai wrote about it fairly constantly. If death on the battlefield didn’t claim them, the possibility of being ordered to commit seppuku was always around the corner.

Law Enforcement:

short rant
Something that I have issues with in the online community and in the real world is the anti-cop/anti-soldier crowd. Some people are just outright contemptuous and name calling…jackboot, babykiller, pig, etc. etc. Then there are the “I respect soldiers/cops, I really do, my brother is a cop, BUT…..”

anatomy of a “police beating”
Take a look at this video. Perhaps some of you remember this from 2003. The Cincinnati police were dispatched to a Whitecastle restaurant where a man, latter identified as Nathaniel Jones, was reported to the police as acting strangely.