leadership and training for the fight


Paul Howe is a veteran Army Delta operator who was a member of the Delta squadron that was deployed to Somalia as part of Task Force Ranger in August 1993 where he participated in the Battle of Mogadishu. According to the “resume” on his website, MSG Howe has 20 Years experience in the U.S. Army with 10 years in special operations as an assault team leader, sniper and senior instructor. He’s conducted more than 40 successful combat raid missions and has participated in multiple high-risk protection missions for U.S. dignitaries. He also has three years of law enforcement experience. Anybody who has read “Blackhawk Down” knows who MSG Howe was and what he did. When a man like MSG Howe has something to say, I believe that we in “in the business” should pay attention.

And MSG Howe does have something to say. He has authored a book titled “Leadership and Training for the Fight”, a compact tome rich with tactical, leadership and combat skills information. Right at the beginning, MSG Howe says: “I have come to the conclusion that our society will not come to an end because of natural disaster or through a superior enemy, but rather through a lack of leadership and initiative on our part.” This passage nicely frames the axis of advance of his book which deals with combat and leadership issues at individual, team and organizational levels. It also covers leadership selection, mindset, planning and education. I highly reccommend this book for anybody who may have to lead (or be lead) “to the sound of the guns”.

The book is available from his Web site , www.combatshootingandtactics.com, which also has articles from MSG Howe that are worth reading.