where else would you rather be?

Cover of "The Book of Eli"
Cover of The Book of Eli

A good post recently went up over at Straight Forward in a Crooked World. Matthew talks about the differences between a “go bag” and a “bug out bag”. He says this about the notion of “bugging out”.

Despite all of its darkly romantic notions bugging out presents far larger issues than staying put. I have tools, vehicles, defensible structure, multiple firearms, ammunition, reloading capabilities, food, clothing…..resources.I’d much rather stay, live uncomfortable for a time, fight when and if I have to than run-fight-survive.

I agree 100%. While the macho image of the Hero wandering the Post-Apocalyptic landscape, living off of the land and surviving at all odds has kept a lot of gear manufacturers in business, the reality of survival is quite different.

Take a read.