what can you say at a time like this?


Colorado Batman Shooting
Colorado Batman Shooting (Photo credit: 91st Customs™ 2012)

While the media tries to spin the Colorado Theater Shootings into explanations, motivations and political ideologies (ABC already tried to link the shooter to the Tea Party) we should all come to the realization that sometimes there is no “explaining” why people do these things.

The “why would a person DO something like that”? question is what a sane, reasonable person thinks. It’s an answer we strive for to try and put the world back into some kind of manageable order. People think that other people process “reality” the same way they do. While most of us are in the same part of the Bell Curve, the fact of the matter is that while we all have the same hardware, some of us simply are not running the same software.

Any explanation of why people like this shooter do what they do is ultimately going to be OUR rationalization of the irrational versus any sort of logical answer.

One thought on “what can you say at a time like this?”

  1. Everyone is subjective, there is no such thing as objectivity.

    However objectivity is like perfection. It is merely a concept and does not exist in the real world but it is somethign that we should always be striving for.

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